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Freedom’s Cornerstone


Paul Gordon Collier

1 Peter 2:6-7 Because it is said in the Writings, See, I am placing a keystone in Zion, of great and special value; and the man who has faith in him will not be put to shame. And the value is for you who have faith; but it is said for those without faith, The very stone which the builders put on one side, was made the chief stone of the building;

The Freedomist News Journal is a “Freedom” News Journal. But what is freedom or, at the very least, what is the foundation your ideals of freedom rest upon?

The Freedomist News Journal represents and calls out Christians who believe we, as followers of Christ, have a significant role to play in demonstrating how other Christians can and should serve the ‘natural community’, or, the believer and non-believer alike.

Through our editorials, reports and essays we hope to demonstrate and showcase Freedom in the natural, to be witnesses to the responsibilities and limitations of Christians living out the standards of Freedom set for us by our King, Christ himself. We specifically want to demonstrate the role of Christians in what we call ‘Civic Authority’, or, to put it plainly, politics.

We call ourselves “Freedomists”, but we could more specifically call ourselves Christian Freedomists, or Christ Follower Freedomists. We believe that a Freedomist need not be a Christian, for there are principles of Freedomism that do not require a belief in God. A Christian Freedomist, however, has a very definite root and purpose for pursuing, witnessing, and demonstrating Freedom in the natural (that is, to believer and non-believer alike).

We should also note that as Christ Followers we have a fundamental belief that if Christ is not the center and purpose of a life in pursuit of ‘freedom’, there is no law, no principle and no philosophical treatise that can bring man to voluntarily live out a life of Freedom that honors and respects the freedom of others as totally, as completely as what Christ compels us to do, through the Holy Spirit changing who we are.

Psalms 111:10 The fear of the Lord is the best part of wisdom: all those who keep his laws are wise: his praise is eternal.

That said, we are not called to legislate God in others’ lives or to separate ourselves from the non-believer and not honor, serve, and work beside them in the aspects of freedom that we can mutually agree to pursue with one another.

What underlies the principle of freedom for others is not the same as what underlies the principles of freedom for Christ-follower Freedomists. Yet, the fruit of a Christ-follower pursuing freedom in the natural for the purpose of worshipping God and leading others to do the same has much in common with many who do not have Christ in their lives. We will reflect these principles in how we report the news, editorialize the news, and offer essays on freedom.

We hope to accentuate our common ground with non-believers who share much with us in how we view freedom in the natural, even as we seek, at our core, through The Freedomist News Journal, to call Christians to live the freedom of Christ in the natural and be good stewards of the nation God has placed them in.

What follows is the fundamental underpinning of what, I believe, is the cornerstone of Freedom for a Christian Freedomist.

Isaiah 8:14 He will be a holy place; for both Israel and Judah he will be a stone that causes people to stumble and a rock that makes them fall. And for the people of Jerusalem he will be a trap and a snare.

The foundation that everything is built on is the foundation laid by the cross, the empty tomb, the teachings, the Word, and the examples set by Christ’s life. We strive to place every aspect of our lives under these frameworks and in service to witnessing the truth of the Word and the Salvation of Christ in our lives so that others might be led to ‘glorify the Father in heaven’.

Matthew 21:44 Anyone who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces; anyone on whom it falls will be crushed.”

In our belief system the primary mover and purpose of life is to glorify God in all we do. Secondarily, and this is the first fruit of the primary purpose of life, our life of worship to the King through words, actions, deeds and demonstrations of His character within us, will lead others to pursue a complete life of worship to God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Moses.

First we experience His love by coming to know the cross and the empty tomb. To know the cross, we must experience the anguish, the grief, the pain the guilt of knowing our place on the cross, of knowing our part of bringing our Christ, our King to this dark place of suffering. Then, we experience the triumph, the resurrection of our King and of ourselves through Him. We are no longer prisoners to sin. We are no longer captives of guilt and anguish. We walk in hope and freedom because Christ conquered death, and, through Him, we will conquer death as well.

Next, we walk in His love and come to love others around us as He loves us. He shows us just a small part of how He sees the fallen world around us, of how He weeps for His children who have singularly rejected Him, who have consigned Him to a topping on a dessert, instead of making Him the full, complete meal.

This anguish, this pain of seeing the lost heading towards an avoidable death is what personally compels me the most in my life, be it my political life, my family life, my work life, or any other part of my life. I am secure in my salvation and I walk in the freedom and liberty of that salvation. But I am not secure in the salvation of others, and because I walk in Christ’s love and through His love (though imperfectly so), I feel great anguish at the thought of the loss of life around me I see every day.

The most important act that we, as followers of Christ, can perform in this world outside of our initial commitment, through fear and love of the Lord, to submit to His ways and His teachings, is to be a voice that leads others to worship our Father in heaven. We know as Christ Followers, there is no magic formula for bringing people to Christ. We also know as Christ followers that there is no work of God’s which is done that is not done by the working of the Holy Spirit.

Psalms 127:1 …..If the Lord is not helping the builders, then the building of a house is to no purpose: if the Lord does not keep the town, the watchman keeps his watch for nothing.

Everything we do, even our commitment to be good stewards of our nation by being involved in the governance of our nation (politics), should be done with a focus and a hope to show others our good works (done only by and through God) so that they might glorify our Father in heaven.

Demonstrating God’s freedom standards in the natural and lobbying our government to do the same is about convicting others, through God’s standards, to come to know Him. What good do we do as Christians if we simply make others feel safe and secure without bringing them the good news of salvation from an eternal death that would eclipse all the luxury and comfort they could ever experience in a lifetime on this fallen planet?

It is only within this context of the Freedom we have through Christ that we as Christ Followers should walk forward to serve the natural community (serving believer and non-believer alike).

I leave you with this from Isaiah, who was prophesying the coming of Christ:

Isaiah 28:16-19 For this cause says the Lord God, See, I am placing in Zion as a base, a stone, a tested stone, an angle-stone which is certain and of great value: and he who has faith will not give way. And I will make right decision the measuring-line, and righteousness the weight: and the ice-storm will take away the safe place of false words, and the secret place will be covered by the flowing waters. And the help you were looking for from death will come to nothing, and your agreement with the underworld will be broken; when the overflowing waters come through, then you will be overcome by them. Whenever they come through they will overtake you; for they will come through morning after morning, by day and by night: and the news will be nothing but fear.

So we call our fellow Christ Follower Freedomists to serve in the civic to demonstrate the foundation stone that is Christ, and we pledge to serve beside believer and non-believer alike wherever our standards of freedom intersect. Our witness to the non-believer of Christ’s truth will come through living His truth and demonstrating His truth by word and deed.

Paul Gordon Collier

Co-founder and Co-editor, The Freedomist News Journal – Freedom News Journal- Read More

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