Kevin Williamson as Leviathan- "Managing For Results"

Kevin Williamson, National Review, NRO, National Review Online

Part two- Kevin Williamson, Is He For Government Or The People?

William R Collier Jr

Williamson’s thesis is that the Federal Government is “too big to fail” so he wants “austerity” coupled with tax increases to bail out DC!

What if the Federal Government fails? It would be bad, it would be horrible, but people would find ways to keep living, they always do. What is worse is if we keep focusing so much of our energy and wealth on bailing out the profligate spenders in DC at the expense of our economic future and, increasingly, our very freedom!

It seems that the profligate elites think they have America over a barrel- they have made a massive machine that is feeding on our children’s future and they have convinced many, like Williamson, that that machine must be kept going or it’s the end of the world!

I am not buying it any longer, it’s the old welfare-warfare state trying to justify its existence at any cost, as if we cannot live without such a Behemoth strolling about in DC.

The Progressives on both sides of the aisle, including Mr. Williamson, have failed utterly. The intervention of the state into private affairs in order to “manage for results” is leading to a massive loss of personal freedom and personal opportunity, and it is a contributing factor in our economic malaise and the corruption we keep finding in our elected officials who are assuming a messiah-complex.

Rather than admit their failure, people like Williamson try to use their “media pulpit” to convince people that this malaise is the “new normal” and, with shocking disregard for the common man, that working stiffs like us need to just “live with” high taxes, stagnate wages, and decreased economic opportunities.

Williamson does have his defenders.

David Weigel (who “resigned” from The Washington Post after having been discovered within the JournoList as deeply biased against conservatives celebrates Kevin Williamson and his crusade against tax cuts.  See Weigel’s Progressive defense of Williamson’s apostasy here!
From one Hobbsian to another, how nice!

As far back as last year Williamson was trying to carry water for the Progressive agenda, attacking “Supply Side Economics” itself. In his May 2010 piece he said, incredulously, “Properly understood, there were no Reagan tax cuts.”

His Progressive logic is that because spending did not go down (it increased faster than the increased revenue which came from the growth spurred by the tax cuts), taxes weren’t cut, “they were deferred.” From his high, and evidently unassailable, position at the NRO, Williamson is taking the position that because the Progressives can’t or won’t stop their spending, we must raise taxes.

In the process, however, he assails the truth with his Progressive propaganda that somehow tax cuts weren’t cuts but deferrals and that the Supply Side approach, which says that you increase revenue by growth instead of taxes, did not work. Williamson’s Progressivism is stunning, considering that he represents what purports to be the conservative voice of record!

He attacks Supply Side because, despite lowering taxes and seeing growth that led to increased revenue, the Progressives out-spent that growth. He never even considers critiquing the fact that his Progressive friends, for surely they must be his friends since he carries their water so well, are to blame for their profligate spending!

Clearly, Kevin Williamson is for the government (his stagnation as “austerity” agenda based on saving the government, despite the cost to the People) and not for the People.


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