Kevin Williamson says Supply-Siders believe in magic unicorns, but this latest photo of him as a magic unicorn touting the "managing for results" credo of Progressives has us puzzled.

Part three- Kevin Williamson Calls His Own Boss An Infant?

Kevin Williamson, the NRO’s false prophet

Why is Kevin Williamson rejecting Supply Side Economics, contradicting his own boss, in favor of stagnation as “austerity’ to somehow save the government at all costs?

Williamson’s perspective is the real problem.

For Williamson and other closet Progressives, the focus is on saving the Federal Government by having the American People, who have long demanded BETTER, bail out a system that has not only failed them but that has betrayed them.

Did people vote for the GOP majority during the Bush years only to see closet Progressives and false prophets like Williamson and his blue-blooded pals act no better than the Democrats during the Supply Side Boom? They expected better, but, instead, they were betrayed.

His elitist thinking comes through clearly, and he never lays a glove on the real culprit behind America’s fiscal mess, as we see from a recent attack on Supply Side Economics, “the concurrent Republican majorities in both houses of Congress didn’t manage to cut spending, either. Part of that was circumstances — 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, the subprime meltdown — but part of it was the fact that a poorly applied supply-side analysis has infantilized Republicans when it comes to the budget. They love to cut taxes but cannot bring themselves to cut spending: It’s eat dessert first and leave the spinach on the table.” From His May 2010 piece

So “supply-side analysis” has “infantilized” Republicans.

Supply Side economics has not one damned thing to do with the present fiscal crisis!

The problem is a “pro-government” policy instead of a pro-growth, or pro-People, policy!

Of course, Williamson is throwing down the gauntlet to his own boss, Richard Lowry, who back in September of 2010, responded to a progressive (Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne) who sounds a lot like Mr Williamson.

The Progressive talking head said, “One idea is to put on the table, one of the things you could do with the money you save from not giving the tax cut to people earning over $1 million, you could either redistribute the rest of that to people down below a million, or you could begin to create an infrastructure bank to try to build us for the long-term. You need to look like you’re making a–you’re drawing a clear line with the Republicans.”

Lowry’s response must have seemed “infantile” to Williamson when he said, “But there, there, there you’re sucking money out of the economy in the short-term in order for the long-term in a weak economy. That makes no sense. Raising taxes, there’s no theory in which rais(ing) taxes in a slow economy makes sense. Read more:

Mr. Lowry, tell that to Mr. Williamson who is doing his best to parrot the Dionne line, and making conservatives rethink the NRO’s bona fides!


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