Here is a look at where we came from and where we are going in the digital age.  The success of our development offers challenges to our security.  Dan Abelow spoke before an audience of futurists at the Axis Partners Conference this past month:


Dan Abelow’s Keynote Speech: The Future of Devices
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This keynote speech, “The Future of Devices,” was presented at the Axis Partners Conference 2013 in Brazil, with simultaneous translations into Portuguese and Spanish.

It takes you on a journey from our pre-historic ancestors through mankind’s explosive world transformation since the Industrial Revolution, to today’s growing “Crisis of Success,” then into tomorrow’s Journey to Greatness as we become a digital world of superior capabilities.

Within decades we will be a prosperous planet of 9 billion people whose escalating consumption could threaten the Earth’s biological capacity. Abelow speaks about the urgent need for a Journey to Greatness so we can thrive in tomorrow’s world. He spent years on the private development of new Expandiverse Technology to build tomorrow’s digital world today. He shows how we can accelerate now and build a digital Earth with a far more prosperous yet sustainable future for individuals, groups and societies.

“A Crisis of Success will arrive in the coming decades as unlimited global consumption stresses the Earth’s biological capacity,” Abelow predicts. “Our fast-forward tech industry could do a lot to respond to this threat by accelerating the development of a more capable digital planet within as little as a decade.”


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