Here is a video that crosses so many Liberty-enhancing technologies, as well as demonstrating so many liberty principles.  The video was created by the YouTube user lasersaber (which we highly recommend you follow).  Lasersaber has designed a 3D printed crystal cell motor which he is making available to anyone who wants to print the motor out for themselves.

3D printing is enabling independent thinkers to explore scientific experiments in a variety of disciplines for a fraction of the cost.  In this case, an inventor is utilizing the power of 3D print and design to explore the possibility of developing a crystal-cell powered printable motor.  Watch the video for yourself:

Published on May 3, 2013

1µA will power this motor! Prefect for crystal cell experiments. This is the most efficient motor I have ever designed. I will be uploading the files and links onto my website in a couple weeks. You will also be able to get a low cost print done by a 3D printing company like Shapeways if you do not own a 3D printer. I plan on also designing a 3D printed Joule Ringer plus Crystal Cell flashlight.
More info soon at:
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