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William Collier- President Obama still stands with Morsi. He agrees with “MORSI DEMOCRACY” which is the idea that democracy is strictly limited to winning elections and then doing whatever you wish, even if it marginalizes your opponents, goes against the consensus of the People, violates people’s rights, and goes against the promises and message of your campaign by which you won the election.

President Obama lied to get elected, pursued a despotic radical progressive agenda, operates outside the law, flouts the original spirit and intent of the Bill of Rights, uses the IRS to suppress his opponents, funnels public money to help political allies (Obamacare transfers BILLIONS to progressive politcal groups under the cover of them being “navigators” for the law’s implementation),and every day seeks to demonize and alienate his oponents and the producing class he seeks to fleece to trasnfer wealth to his non-productive constituencies.

For Obama the idea that “democracy is listening to the People and respecting your opponents” is anathema, it undermines the agenda of America’s “PROGRESSIVE BROTHERHOOD”.

The only way to trump that Progressive Brotherhood is to mobilize the People, but to do so on the foundation of a Civic Witness regarding the Kingdom of God among us (the Gospel of the Kingdom) by Christ-followers who embrace and live out the full meaning, power, truth, and possibilities of the Kingdom together, among themselves.

Democracy does not end after an election, a free People in the street trumps everything, and the American President would do well to understand that. Freedom News Journal- Read More

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