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Protestors who are anrgy that George Zimmerman was found innocent are breaking the law themselves in a fit of rage that is dangerous. Crowds are demanding “justice” for crimes they believe were committed by Zimmerman, though evidence for those crimes just isn’t there.

A recent story reports a group of Black youth beating a Hispanic man half to death while yelling “this is for Trayvon”, and all with the approval and encouragement of Progressives.

The pent-up rage may be a classic case of Progressive misdirection, rage fueled by the Progressive Press and the President himself who have promoted a false narrative that a white guy was racially motivated to kill an inocent black kid for no reason. The evidence and the truth just don’t back up this false story, false in every detail, but that hasn’t stopped the Progressive propaganda machine from spreading it and inciting violence.

At its heart Progressivism is angry, hateful, and violent. It is incapable of decency and respect because of its imbedded assumptions about the world. But this is not so much about Progressivism’s assumptions as it is about its failures- Progressivism is a failed ideology that produces only misery and poverty wherever it prevails.

And Progressivism prevails in the inner cities of America like no other place where every policy is made to conform to its tenets, as opposed to the dictates of science, logic, or common decency. The result for the so-called “Black Community” is high crime, poor education, drug abuse, broken families, poverty, lack of opportunity, and a deep and abiding hatred for “whitey”, a hatred deliberately encouraged and defended by Progressives.

If you want to see what Progressivism produces, the inner cities are its “greatest achievement” where the people enslaved by its policies are led by collaborators who betray their own people for a few extra scraps at the Progressive master’s table.

Why do the Progressives encourage black racism, led by racist groups like the New Black Panthers and now even the NAACP? The answer is simple: just as the Soviets blamed the West for their failures, Progressives have made the white man, but only non-Progressive whitey, the scapegoat for their own failures. Rather than turning on the Progressives who rule them with fear and lies in their inner cities, the Black Community are taught that if it wasn’t for non-Progressive whitey that they’d be in a paradise.

This is nothing short of fomenting rebellion and violence all for the cause of protecting the Progressive record in the inner city from scrutiny. The Black Community is being played for the chump, they’re being punked by the Progressive slave machine, and their eyes are closed by the distraction of the white bogeyman. Freedom News Journal- Read More

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