With all the latest oil discoveries around the world, we don’t buy into the scenario this video presents, that we are running out of oil.  Nor is our central motivation in pursuing renewable energy based on a belief in global warming (we take no position on it on this blog) or in a desire to ‘heal the planet’ (not that we are anti-planet- we think it’s great to have a clean, healthy planet).  Our central driver in considering renewable energy is in how it liberates individuals to empower themselves and not rely on large-scale system.  With all these caveats in mind, this video still presents a useful discussion on the role of local government in hindering or enabling the community to move towards locally-focused renewable energy power sources:

(The video was made in 2006, before many of the recent oil/natural gas discoveries- but the issues of local regulations still remain in effect today)

Peak Moment 4: What can communities do about energy collectively? Martin Webb and Marston Schultz discuss local energy inventories, energy coops, opting out of PG&E service, influencing local government to set renewable energy policy goals, and vulnerability to shortages.


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