In this sense, the progressives are like the mullahs of Iran, who (unfortunately for the progressives) do not yet have the power to overtly violate our individual liberty as the mullahs in Iran do.  They are like the Nazis when they first came to power, who had the Jews and Homosexuals and the Communists to demonize (though in the case of the Nazis, their demonization went far beyond even the progressives, who, unlike the Nazis, only hate when it is expedient to do so).

national socialist poster hitler

Marketing Hate

How are the progressives dividing the white vote?  They are making it socially unacceptable to view ‘whiteness’ as being anything other than inherit racism by its very existence.  The definition of ‘whiteness’ is wrapped around terms like ‘conservative’, ‘tea party’, ‘evangelical’, ‘pro life’, ‘states rights’, ‘liberty’, ‘limited government’, ‘tax reform’.

Individuals have non-racial reasons to vote for the true progressive agenda (which is always concealed) or the other competing political agendas, but progressives have decided the ends justifies the means in this battle.  It is better to incorporate hate to make it a social faux pas to even vote for some agenda other than the noble progressive one than to have a fair marketplace of ideas allow for the possibility of the Utopian dreamers failing to rescue the collective from its own uneducated, ignorant self.

In the assault on non-self-hating whites, the progressives are seeking to create an environment in which it is socially acceptable to denigrate and ridicule white people.  They are creating an environment where any time a picture is taken that only includes white people, it is socially acceptable to automatically question whether racism is behind the reason for the lack of minorities being represented in that picture.

On the other side, however, any white, or anyone who doesn’t look convincingly like one of the acceptable minorities is now under immense scrutiny to speak in the socially accepted ‘correct’ manner.  Witness the abomination going on right now with Philadelphia Eagles’ Wide Receiver Riley Cooper.  To be sure, getting caught on video spewing the N word epithet is bad under even normal circumstances.  Some degree of social chastisement is in order for Cooper.

But the actions of our society, intentionally spurred on by progressive sympathizers, activists, and leaders, have gone far beyond a correction of a man who demonstrated a fundamental lack of judgment.  They have taken this backlash against Cooper to levels that would make the Nazis proud.  Yes, the Nazis, who deliberately worked to demonize the Jewish Race before coming up with the “Final Solution”.

Are whites being demonized and being set up to be rounded up in cattle cars?  Of course not.  Whites as a group are not being demonized.  The only whites that are being demonized are the ones that don’t hate themselves, the ones that don’t believe they should be punished for slavery, the ones that won’t accept the new cultural reality- if you are white, you are a racist until you can prove you are not.

Of course, the only way you can prove you are not racist is to follow the progressive party line.  If you oppose Obama, you are racist.  If you oppose abortion, you are racist.  If you follow the Christ of the Gospel (and not the progressive earth-worshipping Christ), you are racist.  And if, by any chance, you happen to be a minority and hold these views, well, you are actually worse than those white racists who refuse to hate themselves.  You are a traitor to your people.  The level of ostracism you will face from society will be far worse than Riley Cooper is facing now.


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