This will be the same for the Gospel-believing Christ Follower, whose very faith will be socially unacceptable.  Notions of Absolute truth will be deemed (and are already being deemed) racist and intolerant.  Pronouncements that homosexuality is sin will be grounds for dismissal from government employment (you can read more about the criminalization of Christ here).

I spoke of two paths that will get the progressives what they want, the further consolidation of their existing minority voter blocs and the increased polarization of the white voting bloc.  That next path is the one I am, at present, most concerned about, not only in terms of the empowerment it will mean for progressive slave merchants, but for people who will potentially be swept up in a violent war of hate, a war the progressives eagerly want to see occur.

race war

In this scenario, the progressives will be empowered not only to ostracize non-self-hating Whites, but to arrest them, imprison them, and, in some instances, even kill them.  And it will be the whites themselves that will ultimately be to blame for this progressive empowerment.

In this scenario, the death on the bill of rights will be dramatically hastened.  The second amendment will be jettisoned.  The first and fifth amendments will be suspended (never to be reinstated) for the sake of preserving the ‘Union’.  This scenario involves white backlash.  I am seeing this occurring verbally even now.

Non-self-hating whites, of whom I count myself amongst this group, are getting fed up with being demonized by our politicians, our entertainment, our news media, and even our educators.  We grow weary of having to defend ourselves against charges of racism every five minutes merely because of the color of our skin.  We are tired of being told we should not be proud of our European heritage.

But mostly, we are tired of being thought of as a race.  We are not a race.  As a matter of fact, there should be no we when we talk of blacks and Hispanics and whites and Asians, etc, there should be Americans who happen to have different ethnic backgrounds, varying shades of color of skin and hair and eyes.

What the progressives want, what they need, is race.  So long as race exists, then progressivism has a reason to justify its violation of our freedoms, to protect the victims from the oppressors.  Without race, people would have to come to an understanding of the real choice they are making, freedom and liberty or government dependence, the pursuit of happiness or the guarantee of a mediocre comfort.

But what is happening amongst ‘my people’ (I use that term sarcastically- there should be no ‘my people’ defined by such a general term as the color of one’s skin) is they are starting to fall for the progressive bait.  The progressives want the whites to hate the blacks as much as the blacks hate the whites.  The progressives want a few white nut jobs to go into ghettos and kill people.

The progressives want to see the KKK come back in full force, so they can, in turn, further demonize whites and even be given the power to march, with government guns and bullets, against these racist whites.  For the whites who are angry, you are being tempted right now to hate black people, to hate minorities.  It is what the white racist progressive leaders want you to do.

Your enemy is not the black man, but the largely white patricians behind the progressive slave machine.  The black man is a victim, just like you, of that white patrician progressive slave owner.  Rather than hating blacks, or any other minority, non-self-hating whites need to call out the white racists behind the progressive slave machine, those arrogant patricians who use hate to keep their slaves in order, who would use your own hate to further destroy you.

Once these non-self-hating Whites and those Gospel-believing Christ Followers have been eradicated from cultural norms and societal acceptance (and, possibly, though not necessarily so, criminalized outright), then, and only then, will these progressives be prepared to free their slaves (again, the obedient ones, the broken ones).


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