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How progressives use hate to preserve their minority vote blocs and divide the white vote bloc

Paul Gordon Collier

The editorial presented here addresses progressive tactics for consolidating power in America.  I have a lot of strong words for progressives, and I wanted to make sure you understand that I am speaking not to the rank and file progressives, but to the real leaders, the planners and designers who fully understand what they are doing and why they are doing it.  No person in my life personally who calls themselves a progressives will be assumed to be in the same camp as I put these leaders of this dangerous movement.

progressive bill of rights

Rather, I will judge them, or, to be more precise, discern them, by the content of their character as they interact with me, and not by an assumption of character, or lack thereof, formed from the political identity they have chosen to adopt.

I want to also make it clear that, while I make it clear progressivism is a dangerous ideology born from such ideologies as national socialism and other state-making Utopian dream ideologies, this is not a defense of conservatism or libertarianism or liberalism, etc.  The degree to which you support or do not support the role of centralized government in the citizens’ lives is not the central focus of my attack on progressivism.

What I am addressing are the tactics of this ideology (not readily understood by its rank and file supporters and adherents, even as they employ the tactics their leaders have conditioned them to employ) and not necessarily their belief in highly managed societies by a powerful, central state authority.  If, for instance, progressive leaders competed fairly in the marketplace of ideas, eschewing the tactics of hate and demonization they currently employ, then this would be a reasoned analysis of the merits or demerits of large-scale central state authority systems.

This does not also follow that conservatives, libertarians, liberals, etc are not above using their own brand of unethical and reasonless tactics to game the system to push through their own particular agendas.  But none of these groups, at present, are so close to threatening the very foundation of the American Republic, individual liberty, as the progressives are.  And none of these major American political groups have within their ideologies such a fundamental disconnect with the standards of the American republic as progressivism does.

bill of rights

The climate in America is becoming increasingly toxic and hostile, but most of the toxicity and the hostility seems to be directed on two fronts, both of which (not so coincidentally) aggressively assault bases of support for the opposition to the progressive attempt to destroy once and for all this American Republic, expressed most clearly in the bill of rights, a document fundamentally at odds with progressivism.

Those two bases are ‘whites’, who voted against Obama 59 percent to 39 percent, and ‘Christians’, who, amongst those who self identified as weekly church attending Christians voted against Obama 63 to 37 (source-

The reason ‘whites’ and ‘Christians’ are the major opposition to Obama is because the percentage of whites enslaved in the progressive ghettos is dramatically less than the minorities, especially the blacks, the group hurt most by this progressive oppression.  In other words, they are not sufficiently broken or shamed to believe that government protection is better than individual liberty.

There are two fronts being advanced by the progressives, under the name of ‘Justice’, to demonize these two groups.  The first front right now is being led by the whole Trayvon Martin narrative.  The second front is being led right now by the movement for ‘gay rights’.  Both fronts are not about justice but invalidation of people groups that fundamentally oppose Barack Obama and the progressive ideology he is forcing on the Republic.

In this editorial, I will be looking only at the first front, the attack on non-self-hating whites-

progressive america

The progressives have two paths to pursue in eradicating the non-self-hating whites as a vital force in American Politics.  They are pursuing both paths at the same time.  The first path is simply to create enough division amongst the ‘whites’ to render the white vote a non-factor as a collective voice.  On that front, they are doing a great job.

Of all the ‘races’ that voted in the last Presidential election, the group that had the smallest margin of victory for either Obama or Romney was the White vote.  Romney won the white vote by 20 percentage points.  In contrast, the next closest group was the Hispanic vote, which Obama won by 34 percent.  The most monolithic voting bloc (in terms of race) was the black vote, that voted by an astounding 93 percent to 7 percent for Obama, an 86 point advantage for the progressives.

By the way, the progressives have pushed the narrative that if it wasn’t for the white vote, those racists by the very nature of the color of their skin, the GOP, would not exist.  Never mind that white people vote in a more balanced way politically than any other major ethnic group in America.

Without the 93 percent black vote, progressives would lose every major national election.  If, for instance, blacks voted by a 70 to 30 percent margin for Obama, then the President would lose 3 percent of the vote, and Romney would have gained 3 percent of the vote.  The election would have gone from 51 percent for Obama in victory to a 50-48 victory for Romney.

If whites were to vote as a bloc even on par with how the Hispanics voted, the swing in the last election would have cost President Obama the election.  A 70 percent vote by ‘whites’ in the 2012 election would have given Mitt Romney 50.4 percent of the popular vote, without a single minority ever voting.

Without pushing white hate and class hate on the ‘minorities’ in this country, the very minorities being oppressed by progressive ideologues, the progressive party would not exist in America today.  They are empowered by hatred alone.  Their need for a 90 plus percent voting bloc amongst African Americans and a bifurcation of the white vote compels them to demonize non-self-hating Whites, those who do not wish to surrender their freedom and liberty in exchange for the lie of government ‘protection’.

Progressivism, by its nature, requires victims, broken, desperate people willing to surrender their liberty for the social engineers the progressives wish to employ in their pursuit of Utopia.  They must break the people, but do so in such a manner that the people can find a villain other than the ones actually murdering and enslaving them (the progressives). Freedom News Journal- Read More

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