Here is a conference discussing the innovations and regulations issues around the emergence of solar technology in NYC and beyond.  The conference focuses on the idea of “clean energy”.  We are, as you know, more interested in “liberty energy” than “clean energy” (not that we have some secret desire to dump sludge in our drinking water).  We highlight this talk because of the innovations they discuss and the very real issues around regulations and zoning that are, at present, significantly limiting the growth of alternative energy development in our nation today.  It goes without saying we do not endorse government-mandated and funded alternative energy (outside of research and development to be shared openly with entities providing the actual products and services in a free market).  So, throw out the bones you will hear in this discussion and concentrate on the meat, the innovations and the regulation problems:

Published on Jul 1, 2013

The market for distributed solar continues its rapid growth in New York and around the country. New York City has seen some of the fastest growth, with total installed solar photovoltaic capacity jumping from 8.5 MW to 14 MW in 2012 alone. New York is becoming the proving ground for innovations in solar, and if it can make it here, it can make it anywhere.

What are the business models, project development strategies, and financing tools that are driving the market forward? How will new state-level policies and incentives support future growth, and what barriers remain? Can solar truly stimulate local economic development and create opportunities “off the roof”?

Solar State of Play will bring together experienced solar professionals, upstart financiers, venture capitalists, community solar activists, and others to tackle these questions and offer a preview of solar’s future in New York and beyond.

The panel discussion is a featured event of Solar One and NYC ACRE at NYU-Poly’s cleantech panel discussion series, Clean Energy Connections.


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