Be a Girl, even if it means sometimes playing in the mud

Opinion – Paul Gordon Collier

I ran across a post by Haven of Tioga County PA that inspired me to write this editorial about raising our girls to be strong women, to not be afraid to do whatever they have been equipped to do.  I wanted to write this editorial to stand in solidaraty with thsi video, but to also stand for femininity as well.

New Toys for Girls Who Build- Equipping Warrior Princesses

New Toys for Girls Who Build- Equipping Warrior Princesses

It is ok, perfectly ok, for girls to be girls.  And, as a Christian man, I believe that God has defined roles for men and women, that He has made us distinctly different from one another.

I feel the need to say this because too often the message girls get is not that it’s ok to play in the mud, but it’s wrong to want to play with your dollls.  There is a rising culturual phenomenon coming largely from the extreme far left that supports the idea of gender neutrality.  This mentality, in my opinion, is just as damaging to girls, and boys, and society, as rigid limitations on people based on their sex.

Here is what Haven of Tioga County PA posted on their Facebook page:

HAVEN of Tioga County
Check out this cute video of little girls taking a stand against gender norms– to Queen no less!
It was a comment on this shared link that included this commentary-
Look, I get it. Girls like pink. And that’s fine. But you forgot to show them something way more epic.
By Adam Mordecai|Upworthy
The commentary from the source was actually very balanced.  Their mesage is in keeping with what I support- girls can play in the mud AND have tea parties.
The message is a strong one for girls, and it fits well into what I regularly tell my daughter.: Don’t let people tell you because you are a girl you can’t do something.  If society says a girl can’t do that, and you can, then do it.
But I also teach her that boys and girls ARE different, that it is highly likely she will be better at some things than boys because she IS a girl, and vica versa.  I teach her to embrace her feminine nature, which God has given her and God has defined, but to not be afraid to do whatever she has been equipped to do, even if it is something society tells us girls don’t ‘traditionally’ do.
As a Father of an 8 year old girl, I cannot help be a bit of a champion for the rights of women to be leaders, to be builders, to be thinkers, to be, as I call my daughter, Warrior Princesses.  We will need a generation of Warrior Princesses to help us in the challenging decades that lay ahead of us.
They need not sacrifice their feminity to become strong leaders.  This is the part I want to emphasize, that they need not listen to the voices of the far left who will tell them that femininity in and of itself must be rejected if they are to be freed from the patriarchal oppression that has held them down for decades.
These voices are just as wrong and destructive to our little girls and our society as the voices that tell our little girls they can’t be leaders, they can’t build houses, they can’t play in the mud .
Here is the video that the link referenced (which, again I reiterate, I think is an awesome message for our girls to see):

What do you think?  And are you raising Warrior Princesses too?


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