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Paul Gordon Collier

Why Progressives Should Be Called “Regressives”

Progressives have called on a ‘fresh look’ at the bill of rights. They claim a superior stance of ‘progress’. They claim to have special knowledge of the progress of man’s understanding of governance that goes beyond the old fashioned, dead notions contained in the bill of rights. They doubt the primacy of individual rights to governance. Rather, they argue, it is more important to consider the rights of the collective over the rights of the individual.

We have evolved, they say, and we should change the way we think of rights to reflect this new, deeper, progressive understanding of rights in a nation that has grown in its sophistication to appreciate the collective rights and the guarantees of happiness a state, buoyed by these collective rights, can provide.

The bills of rights themselves are born from the struggle by common men and women to be able to worship as they please. The debate of individual sovereignty versus collectivist sovereignty came to a head, again and again, in the battles, the martyrdoms of Christians who were murdered by other Christians for not practicing the accepted orthodoxy of whatever state they lived in.

In Geneva of the 1500s, a man could be killed, by the state, for not believing in the Holy Trinity. In England of the late 1400s a man could be killed, by the state, for continuing to recognize the authority of the Pope. In Bohemia of the 1400s a man could be killed, by the state, for reading, in his home, a Bible written in his native tongue.

The notion of individual liberty was fought for, through the ages, for the purpose of being able to worship God the way the individual chose. Again and again, peoples were exterminated, or nearly exterminated for daring to champion the cause of the rights of individuals to come to a personal relationship with God.

The Moravians of the 1400s and 1500s flourished in the simple power of sharing the Word, training the common man to read the Word in his native tongue. The counter-reformation saw the Moravians hunted down and murdered where they stood, or drug to public squares to be beheaded, burned, hanged, strangled, for believing in the liberty of an individual to come to know God through a personal relationship with Him.

In the early 1500s, a Catholic Queen, Bloody Mary, set about burning the English Bibles and exterminating the champions of individual liberty. But even within this ‘protestant’ group, there was division between the Free Willers and the Predestinarians. The Free Willers dared to believe that men and women can grow in Christ without a congregation or a Priest, but in shared fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ right there around them. For this, Bloody Mary hunted them down like dogs. For this, the Predestinarians declared they would do the same to the Free Willers if and when they ever returned to power, even as their own members were also being murdered by the state. The Free Willers were completely destroyed by the bloody purge.

The fight for individual liberty was led by Christians, for the purpose of knowing their God, the one true King of Kings. These Christians died not just for their own right to know God, but so that others might even have the power, the right, to reject God without fear of a state hunting them down and marking them for execution.

The prevailing sentiment of Christendom favored the rights of the collective, the state, as defined first by the Pope, who consecrated and legitimized Kings, and the Kings, appointed, as they were, by God himself in the form of the Pope. This sentiment is more aligned with the progressive views of ‘rights’ in this current age than with the radical views of rights expressed in the Constitution and, specifically the Bill of Rights.

While the progressives claim to be the champions and keepers of ‘progress’, their view of rights is not new or progressive, but rather is regressive, reflecting the old fashioned values of Christendom, not the revolutionary, ‘progressive’ views of the radical concept of individual liberty found in the Bill of Rights of our nation.

Men and women died by the thousands in tortuous ways for you to be able to reject God without fear of the state murdering you for your beliefs. Progressives seek to return to a state empowered with the collective, who will be equipped to burn a new breed of heretics, anyone who does not worship the cult of man, the rationalist who will build a tower to heaven and overthrow God himself.

In their world, the new Christendom has become Mandom, the cult and state religion of the worship of man, the God maker, and if you, believing that progressives are the new thinkers, the cutting edge leaders of the evolution of man’s understanding of governance, empower them to change the concept of rights from the individual to the collective, you empower the future Spanish Inquisition of the age to come, where men and women will be burned, hanged, strangled, beheaded, economically assassinated, culturally shamed, for daring to believe in individual liberty and the right to not worship man, but to worship God instead.

The party of the left referred to as the ‘progressives’ shall be henceforth referred to as the ‘regressives’, for their ideas of liberty reflect the regressive ideas of liberty found in Christendom and currently found in the radical strains of Islam, that the collective’s rights supersede the ‘divisive’ rights of individuals. Freedomist News Journal- Read More

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