Cedric Ford

Cedric Ford

Tragically, three victims lost their lives in a Thursday Kansas shooting, according to authorities. Fourteen more were hurt, and ten are being treated in the hospital with critical conditions.

The shooting took place at the Hesston, Kansas located company Excel Industries. One person allegedly fired all the shots, and that person was gunned down by police. That person, according to the alleged shooter’s co-worker Matt Jarrell, is Cedric Ford. CNN was told the alleged shooter’s name. Jarrell allegedly saw one person get shot near Excel.

The events unfolded around 5:00 p.m., after authorities were alerted to a shooting. According to the Harvey County Sheriff’s Office, a man was allegedly firing shots while inside a vehicle. The location of the shooting, Excel Industries, manufactures products for lawns.

According to what Jarrell told CNN, he befriended Ford years ago, and is surprised by his alleged actions. Jarrell paints for Excel. Jarrell told CNN that both he and Ford clocked in for work on Thursday. They allegedly had a conversation about a truck that Ford just purchased.

Ford was Jarrell’s work relief, however he did not show up for his work relief so that Jarrell could take his break. Jarrell looked outside, and noticed that both the truck and Ford were nowhere to be found.

However, in only a few minutes, Ford allegedly returned in a car instead of his new truck. Dispatchers were told a man in a gray Dodge was shooting. Jarrell told CNN that, after parking, Ford got out of the car and had a gun strapped to his body. According to what Jarrell told CNN, Ford yelled to get a bystander’s attention before shooting them. Ford then allegedly went into the Excel building. Around 150 people were inside the building, Sheriff T. Walton said.

According to Walton, the gunman had two weapons in his possession: a pistol and a long gun. In a news release, the sheriff’s office reported that a man’s shoulder was shot. Another person’s leg was shot. One officer took down the gunman, and Walton is praising that officer’s bravery. It is expected that the officer’s name will be released on Friday. No one in law enforcement was injured in the shooting.

A trailer park that Ford lived at was evacuated on Thursday so police could search his home. According to what Walton said to reporters, Ford’s alleged roommate would allegedly not let officials enter the home. However, officers were eventually able to gain access to the home. As it turns out, there were no people in the home. Previously, the girlfriend of Ford and his two children moved out of the home. A restraining order was served on Ford ordering him to stay away from his former girlfriend around an hour and a half before the shooting, according to Walton.

At this time, a motive for the shooting is not known. Terrorism is not being considered. According to Walton, the victims may have been targeted at random.



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