Websites were considered to be an unnecessary expense sometime ago. However, as time passed, most people started considered websites as their business card in the online world. Today, most people who own businesses depend on their sites to inform people about their existence and get potential customers. The first thing that is required to start a business website is a domain name. Though it looks like a simple task, a lot of attention should be given to the domain name. This article gives a few tips on registering the domain name for your business website:

Tips for choosing your domain name

Check everything while choosing your business name

You need to make sure that the domain name you choose is not already being used by someone else. Sometimes, your domain name may be used by another company but with a different extension. If this site has good SEO, then they can become serious competition to your business. It always is a good idea to register all the domain extensions that are available with your domain name to avoid any such problem.

Park all your domain names together

If you have more than one domain name registered with different extensions, then you should park all those domain names together with the same service provider. This will make it easier for you to administer all the business domain names.

Don't compromise with the situation

If only one extension of the domain name you want is available and the others have been booked, then don't register that domain name. Instead, try and look for variations of the name of your business and try and book all the extensions available.

Plan for the future

When you register the domain name, you need to think what your business will be like in the future. Try and avoid names that will define your business too narrowly as it will have no meaning if you expand your business.

Try and keep the domain name brief

A small domain name will be easier to remember and recall than a very long phrase. Also, if you keep the name brief, the chances of someone spelling it wrong will also be reduced.

Use hyphens only where necessary

It will be easier to spell out your domain name to someone if it does not have any hyphens. It will also reduce instances of people typing out the name wrong. Hence, you hyphens in your business name only if it is required.

Decide if having a keyword is really important or not

Though having a keyword in your domain name may be important for the performance of your site, it is not a very important thing. The keyword will not ensure that your site will start ranking in search results. What you need to ask yourself is whether the keyword reflect what your business is all about or is it just there for the search engines.

Make sure you are aware of what can and cannot be used

It is important for you to know what you can and cannot use as a part of the name of your domain. You can use number, letters and dashes. However, you may not use spaces and random characters.

Try not to do what everyone else is doing

As far as possible make sure that you don't have a domain name that is very similar to an already established brand. If that name has been trademarked, you can get into trouble for using it.

Keep your name updated

Make sure that you keep your site updated always. It is important that any information about your domain name is accurate and up to date.

Domain names play a very important role in the future of your business website. They become the identity of your site online. Hence, it is very important to give them a lot of importance and choose appropriate names for your business. You may hire a professional domain name registration to help you choose and register your business domain name.

Source by Tanya A Smith


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