Over at they’ve uncovered what amounts to a major, smoking gun story of betrayal, lies, and just plain malpractice.

With precision and overwhelming evidence has revealed how the Progressive Media are skewing polling data, often by as much as 15 points, to give Obama the appearance of inevitable victory.

All of this is designed to demoralize your opponent, energize your base, and discourage donors from supporting the opponent. The funny thing is, these media outlets aren’t the campaign, although they are acting as if they are, and not disclosing these “in kind” campaign donations. This kind of bias might explain recent findings about the media’s plummeting credibility- over 60% view the media as untrustworthy, according to Gallup, with the partisan divide being rather stark.

We’ve queried among the inside-the-beltway types we know about this and, not surprising, they tend to believe the media and take a rather jaded view of the veracity of this polling analysis. Some internal polling we are aware of seems to back up’s take on matters, but to the insiders this is all just “wishful thinking.”

Election day will prove whether this new polling analysis is useful or not, although we understand the new site will be launching its own internet-based weighted polling data using the 2010 election and party affiliation as its baseline.

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