National HeadlinesNATIONAL NEWS –  A Boulder Colorado case is receiving national attention because of the nature of the alleged crime that one woman is being Dynel Lanetried for.  Dynel Lane is being charged with attempted first degree murder and unlawful termination of a pregnancy.

On March 18th of 2015, Lane attacked Michele Wilkins with a knife, cutting Wilkins’ unborn baby out of her womb.  The baby later died.  The trial has finally ended. With Chief Trial Deputy District Attorney Catrina Weigel making her closing arguments earlier today.

Weigel’s lawyer argued that the most they could find Weigel guilty of was attempted manslaughter, that the threshold of first-degree murder had not been met.  Weigels’ lawyer stated, “The evidence proves that. But the evidence also shows you that she never planned, prepared or processed anything that happened on March 18.”

Weigel countered with trial testimony from the victim, in which she stated at one point Lane switched knives because she found the one knife was too long to cut her baby out of her.  Weigel said, “After all of that, she’s lying there with her guts hanging out, bleeding profusely…What does this defendant do? She leaves her there to die.”

The attack allegedly took place because Lane’s boyfriend, David Ridley, was growing suspicious that Lane was not, as she claimed, pregnant with his baby.  Prosecutors allege that Lane targeted a pregnant woman by offering free maternity clothes through a Craiglist ad.

They say she planned on finding the right woman and removing the baby, leaving the woman to die so no one would ever know she got the baby from her, and not from her own pregnancy.

The case also touches off the debate about what legal rights, protections, should an unborn child expect from the state.

The Jury deliberated for 6 hours today but did not return with a verdict.  They will reconvene tomorrow.

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