National HeadlinesNATIONAL NEWS – Members of the U.S House are accusing the Department of Defense of failing to provide adequate gear to USMilitaryTacticalGear_zps904f61eespecial forces serving in hostile environments, with Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA) leading the charge.

“These are the guys we assume have the best gear all the time,” said Congressman Hunter.

Congressman Hunter has been conducting an investigation into the allegations and recently stated “It’s been impossible for me to find out how the money is getting stopped and why it is not going down to where it’s supposed to be.”

Rather than getting gear approved and paid for by the military, the troops are not getting the proper gear, and are forced to buy their own gear with their own money, Duncan claims.

Anecdotal evidence from the troops suggests the problem lies in military’s current supply chain structure, specifically at the hand-off point between vendors and troops.

Some of the basic gear the troops are not being given includes, sniper supplies, batteries, tourniquets, GPS devices and even the more advanced helmets.

A group of GOP Congressmen held a press conference Thursday, February 2th, to announce they would be holding hearings on the matter, including calling Secretary of Defense Ash Carter to answer some of their questions.

They also wrote a letter to the Secretary expressing their concerns that troops were not getting the basic gear they need to do their jobs.  Some of the members of the group include Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Illinois and Rep. Chris Gibson, who, along with Hunter, all happen to be military veterans.


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