In a move that can only be seen as proof that the United Nations has lost all sense of reality,  some key UN officials for the United Nations are condemning America’s treatment of OWS protestors.

The letters, written in December of 2011 and only recently released to the public, outline baseless charges against American police departments who, for the most part, were simply enforcing laws and protecting private property from acts of vandelism by the fringe elements of the OWS movement.

This is newsworthy to The Freedomist in that it shows the true nature of the relationship America has with a world organization that gets over 20% of its funding from the US, adversarial.  The United Nations has become simply a tool by America’s enemies to undermine, discredit, and destroy her power and effectiveness on the world stage.

That the letters were in defense of the OWS movement, a movement funded by the same interests that also seek to undermine and destroy America from within, the progressive party of America and its many leftist allies (from the anarchists to the socialists), is also revealing of the nature of America’s relation to the UN, the de facto strong arm of this worldwide cabal to undo American exceptionalism, to cancel freedom and liberty.

Many people in the OWS movement are well-intended, thinking people that would defend America as readily as anyone from the Tea Party, but these thoughtful people, truly seeking after ‘justice’ and ‘fairness’ are not the actual leaders of this movement, run, as it is, from behind closed doors by the same corporatists the OWS movement seems so clearly to stand against.

Will the U.S, under a Romney administration, continue to fund the UN?  Will we, in short, continue to supply our enemies with arms?

 NOTE:  It is to the Obama Administration’s credit that they did not respond to this latest UN assault against American Freedom.



United Nations Officials Protest U.S. Law Enforcement’s Handling of Occupy Wall Street Squatters –


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