Warner Todd Huston’s unique perspective interview with Neil Cavuto is making the rounds in the blogosphere today.  In this interview, Warner shows a different side of Neil Cavuto, the side that has beat stage 4 cancer and is daily overcoming Multiple Sclerosis.  Who says conservatives lack ‘compassion’?  Certainly, after you read Warner Todd Huston’s interview, you can’t say Neil Cavuto does:

from http://www.publiusforum.com/2011/10/04/fox-news-15th-anniversary-mr-fox-neil-cavuto-hits-chicago/


A quintessential survivor Mr. Cavuto is a survivor of stage 4 cancer not to mention fighting Muscular Sclerosis for the last decade. So when it come to being embattled, Cavuto is no stranger to the concept.

The pressure he faces in his personal medical battles are naturally more pressing than the full-on, left-wing attack that he and his cable networks face on a daily basis, of course, but when ever one thinks of Fox News, one is inexorably drawn to those attacks by Fox’ enemies. I asked Neil if, after all these years, the vehemence of these attacks on Fox News surprised him any?

“Well it does, Warner,” Cavuto said, “because in the beginning, there was a time when we could have filled in hours with expletives and no one would have paid attention. I remember in the first four years no one was watching. It was like I was in the witness protection program and it took a while… I guess I’m surprised sometimes, Warner, with the vehemence with these remarks but I take it in stride. I try to focus on what I do. You know I bored people with this story many times but I repeat it for a reason. I’m not conservative or liberal, I’m not red or blue, I’m just green, I’m the nerd that follows the money; where it’s going where it’s not.”

While conservative ideals absolutely serve as Cavuto’s core, he told me that he was not bought and paid for by the far right. It really is all about the math.

“I was an intern for Jimmy Carter, I was critical of the bailouts when they began with George Bush, critical since… I guess I’m a cheapskate,” He admitted. “I don’t like money going out the door and not being held accountable. So, that’s my gig and people can take from it what ever they wish. But I have no agenda there, my only agenda is the money and where it’s going or more to the point not going.”


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