The GOP elite have declared war on freedomist-like groups, including Freedomworks, the Senate Conservative Fund, and Heritage along with the Tea Party and any other freedom-minded group that INSISTS on adhering to the original spirit and intent of the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence.


john cornyn redThey have been waging war on us.

They have been attacking, undermining, and vilifying.

Senator John Cornyn says that anyone associated with these groups is a “traitor” to the party. Traitors to a party? Really Senator? We are fierce loyal patriots of FREEDOM, freedom comes before party, before the state, before anything EXCEPT God Himself. YOU lot are traitors to freedom, and therefore you are enemies of God!

So we declare war.

We urge our friends and readers- defun the GOP, we do not need to send a dime to these Gutless Old Progressives. Redirect your money elsewhere.

If you have a business, sponsor sites like ours so that we can wage war on your behalf and fund people to investigate the ongoing Progressive war on freedom and who can go out using social media, seo marketing, and content marketing to push the freedom narrative and call on people to take to the streets, as it were, to defy this elitist cabal!

We declare war on the Gutless Old Progressive who own and control the Republican Party.

It’s time to help.

If you want to join the Freedomist, if you like what we stand for, help us! We are launching a new project called and we are waging war online using information and truth to defeat cover-ups and lies. The GOP is an enemy of freedom, and an enemy of God.

We are ready to defy them, but we need YOU.

Email to JOIN us and get involved in this battle for freedom. We need help, we cannot do this alone.

Here’s what The Freedomist needs:

1. Daily news watch pulls and reviews
2. Regional and State information coordinators to report on the War For Freedom in your neck of the woods
3. Investigative journalism
4. Watchdog, Advocacy, and Resource article
5. Social media blitz teams
6. Content Promotion Teams
7. Search Engine Optimization
8. Code/WordPress expertise
9. Graphics
10. Video


Email me now:

We are NOT asking for money. We are looking for people who will invest sweat equity and help fight for freedom using information, truth, and online activism.

Email NOW!

If you have your own blog or site and want to use this as a means to promote what you are doing, we want to help you do that! Come on along and let’s defeat the progressive war on freedom, and the Gutless Old Progressives (the GOP).


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